Friday, February 7, 2014

NYC Flat Iron Green Cherry Nails

Hello! Hello! Hello!
It's been years since I last posted and I'm back with super easy cherry nails! Woot!

I created the look with solid very dark green nails and rhinestones. I feel like I have loads and loads of rhinestones and never use them. Do you have a lot of rhinestone that are too pretty to use? LOL.

And for those that need more mani's and more updates, well guess what? Ive given in and now you can find me on Instagram! Yes, I do post more often on there and sometimes share my mani. So stop by and say hi!

NYC Flat Iron Green Cherry Nails

Happy New Year My Loves!


Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The Wigwam Resort in Arizona - Best Vacation Ever!

Let me tell you, when you need a vacation you NEED a vacation. Lately with my schedule I barely have time to sleep and there is nothing better than escaping with great company to discover a whole new world!

This trip started in California and made its way to Arizona, about an hour West of Phoenix.

I want to add that this is not a sponsored post (I wish it was though).

The Wigwam Resort in Arizona, is by far the best accommodations I have stayed in... ever! You'll see a couple of photos below but I do highly recommend it if you are staying in the area. For those that golf, this is like Disney World, for those who can enjoy a spa treatment (me) this is the place and if you want to disconnect and just relax there is just no better place, period!

I will say that I was a little upset when we had to leave because I loved our stay so much. So much so that we made a future reservation before departing!

Enjoy a few photos from my trip and if your reading from Arizona, Hey Girl Hey! LOL

The Wigwam Resort in Arizona

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Revlon Ruby Ribbon - Matte Suede Deep Maroon Mani

Hello, My Loves! I hope we are all starting off the week great and getting ready for the holiday festivities. Ill be making my traditional pumpkin pie cheesecake, which my mother has been known to eat the entire thing... by herself. Whats even crazier is that you couldn't tell because she is a tiny little thing, but anyway.

I've been thinking of braving out the Black Friday holiday shoppers and getting some shopping done... but I don't know if I can do that, I might just stick to online this year. Have you braved the Black Friday deals? What has been the absolute best deal you have found?

Ok, let's get back on track and on to this matte/satin finish mani. You know me and matte finishes... I love them! Here I have Revlon's Ruby Ribbon Matte Suede and it is just delicious! Thoughts?

Revlon Ruby Ribbon - Matte Suede Deep Maroon Mani

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Revlon Amber Ablaze - Fall Manicure

Hello, my Loves! Let me start off by saying that I am not one to advertise any polish but Amber Ablaze by Revlon may be my first. It is the richest, warmest, metallic copper brown that I have ever worn. To say that I love it is a complete under statement!

Amber Ablaze by Revlon is the one polish to add to your collection this Fall. I have worn it multiple times already and cant get enough of it, but don't let me try to convince you, take a look for yourself.

Revlon Amber Ablaze - Fall Manicure

What is your Fall must have polish? 


Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween Black & Orange Water Marble Nails

Happy Halloween! I hope you all enjoy your day and have loads of fun!

Here is my Halloween manicure! I've been dying to try and use a clear polish in a water marble because I heard it can be a little challenging and decided that today would be the perfect opportunity to try it out.

The colors I chose were black, white and clear. To my surprise it was pretty easy and I love that you can see the orange piquing through!

Anyway, check it out below and share your mani's with me, I would love to see them!

Halloween Black & Orange Water Marble Nails


Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Pre-Halloween Orange Mani!

 One day till Halloween, what will you be dressing up as? (Well, for those that celebrate...)

I have had this mani for at least two weeks! Can you believe it?! With my schedule lately its almost impossible to change it up every other day like I used it, Im kind of missing it a little, but anyway. Its a solid bright neon orange that screams Halloween!
 Pre-Halloween Orange Mani!

Stop by tomorrow to see my Halloween mani. Trust me, you wont want to miss it. 

Friday, October 18, 2013

Cheshire Purple Cat Nails!

Hello! Its been nearly a month since my last post... where has the time gone? Where have I gone? haha.

Sometimes I hate to admit how easily scared I can get over the smallest of things, like a little bug, haunted house, Halloween haunted mazes, and that would also include some cartoons! One that really freaks me out is that Nightmare Before Christmas, oh my gosh, till this day I can't watch more than a minute. The stick man guy is just so freaky, lol. Anyway, now that you know what a big baby I am lets get on to some nails!

Although I'm a total chicken, I have some kind of attraction to Alice In Wonderland. The story line, characters and colors! Over the weekend I was cleaning out my old school projects and found an Alice In Wonderland inspired store I had done. I then thought of Cheshire the cat in the film... then I thought nails!

Here I share with you my Cheshire Purple Cat Nails!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Perfect Pink Wedding Manicure - Bride Edition

Oh bells will be ringing... We are now approaching Fall and Winter weddings and I thought why not work on a wedding manicure, one that will work for the bride, maid of honor, bride maids or a guest.

I love the simplicity of the combination of the light pink with a touch of glitter. You can never have too much glitter... ok, so maybe you can but not in this case.

For this mani I used Ellen Tracy Nail Polish and Revlon Stunning 340. Have you used either of these? Let me know what you think of them below.

The Perfect Pink Wedding Manicure - Bride Edition

Friday, September 20, 2013

500th Post! Bright Rainbow Sugarspun Nails!

I cant begin to share with you how happy I am to have such amazing readers, who have hung in there until this 500th post!

Its such a huge milestone and Im so thankful to have each and every one of you. So as a little thank you I am sharing some pretty awesome Rainbow Sugar Spun Nails and a giveaway! Yes below you can enter to win... there will be two winners so go ahead and enter!

As for this nails, they are in your face bright, super fun to do and the compliments are never ending. If you recreate them please share on Facebook!

 Bright Rainbow Sugarspun Nails!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Tiffany Box Blue Mani with Glitter!

Wondering where I have been? Well I am so bad at techy things and almost a week ago I somehow lost a couple of my files... including my watermark. I still am trying to recover those files but I managed to recreate my watermark, so expect regular posts again! WooHoo! Meanwhile, if anyone knows how to recover Microsoft files, please let me know. Thanks!

Today on this sunny Tuesday I have a very pretty Tiffany box blue mani with a glitter accent nail, check it out below!

Tiffany Box Blue Mani with Glitter!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Flaming Hot Cheetos® Finger Nails!

Want to know a random thing about me? I have absolutely no heat tolerance... like at all.

Most of my friends get a kick out of me not being able to have an ounce of anything spicy. Not to say that I have never tried it because I have and sometimes still do but my taste buds just cant take it. They literally feel like they are on fire, my face turns red, my eyes tear up, haha. Anyway, in a recent Cheetos® conversation I had with my friend I couldn't help but think about a way to recreate it on my nails. I wanted that Cheetos® Finger without the red stained fingers. So here it is!

Do you like it spicy? 

Flaming Hot Cheetos® Finger Nails!

Friday, September 6, 2013

How to pay off your student or personal loan faster

There are two words that scare the daylights out of me: BUDGET and LOAN. I think its safe to say that the majority of us are on a budget (small or not) or have some type of loan, and if you're lucky you have both. Kidding.

Being a responsible recent graduate I have a pretty large student loan. For the last month or so I started planning out my finances and thought I have to share some of my tips. I apply or have applied almost all of these to my own personal lifestyle and as crazy as it may sound as a very recent graduate, I am scheduled to pay off a student loan in only 5 months!

So how did I do it? What have I been doing? Do I live on the street? Am I crazy?

To quickly answer the last two questions no I am not living on the street and I am not crazy. Paying off a small or large loan is doable on almost any budget!

So lets get on with the tips already!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Red and Gold Stripe Nails

Its back to black gold! Who remembers Amy Winehouse? I love her music and her voice is one of a kind. So on my way to work I was listening to Ms. Winehouse Back to Black... isn't it a little crazy how she predicted (in a way) what was to happen?

Amy Winehouse - Back to Black

Anyway, I've been a little obsessed with gold lately. I'm not a huge metallic gold and silver fan but this gold is just so pretty. To vamp it up a little I thought I would add a solid red stripe to make it pop and take the design to another level... always keeping it easy though, haha.

Red and Gold Stripe Nails

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